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Neck Pain

 "Rik, you are truly a wonder. there was a little pain that night, but nothing nearly so severe as the previous three days and nights, and as of yesterday, it's all gone . Thank you.     -ds...


"This is amazing! I can turn my head further than I have in 15 years!

Awesome stuff" - kt....


Spinal Stenosis

"Herniated disks, spinal stenosis, and an arthritic hip left me nearly unable to function because of extreme pain, Since my second visit to Rik Ehmann, I have taken no pain killers, and the pain in my back has been eliminated. My hip and leg pain are greatly reduced and nearly eliminated. Because my muscles are now relaxed, my balance is better and I no longer have a great fear of falling, As a result of my treatments, my well being and outlook on life have improved tremendously." pk.....

Knee Pain

 "As a young adult, I ran a lot several miles a day.  I loved it.  But about 5 years ago, I was under a tremendous amount of stress which probably resulted one of my knees going prematurely bad.  I had x-rays taken and three doctors looked at it, but they couldn't figure it out.  Honestly, I didn't have the time for this and didn't want to be poked and prodded, so I just dealt with it.  

 Only about 11 short weeks ago, I had my first acupuncture treatment ever!  I was really nervous about someone sticking me with needles, but I was really in a lot of pain.  I had at one point been under a tremendous amount of stress which seemed to make it worse also.  I met Rik at a church function where he was giving away free treatments on-site.  I thought, "What the hey, you never know!"  I didn't expect a lot, so I sat down and let him put about 4 needles in my knee.  Imagine my surprise when I got up and was able to walk better than I had in the past 5 years!!  I am continuing treatments with him, as these treatments build on each other.  First I went 3 times a week, then twice a week.  Now I'm down to once a week and looking forward to making it once a month.  I still can't believe that I'm doing so much better!!  I truly thought I would just have to live with the pain for the rest of my life.  NOW, I recommend Rik to all of my friends and family for any ache or pain.  Thank you, Rik!!"   mc......

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