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I have worked in and around chemicals for many of my adult years. At one time I even hauled food preservatives, which is so deadly. About 1994, while driving truck from Portland to Seattle, I started having a hollow feeling in my chest with heart palpitations.


After a couple of years of testing, I was told I had atrial fibrillation. I went to two cardiologists. One wanted me to take medicine but it would not change my fibrillation. Then Coumadin was offered to ‘prevent a stroke.’ Another doctor said the meds would not be good because I have a slower than normal heart rate. But they all told me to beware of stroke or heart attack. I did, however, start taking a small dose of aspirin but after three months this bothered my stomach and I had to stop.

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In 2007 I had more testing by my cardiologist including an echo cardiogram, cardio stress test, dye study, and EKG, just about every test that has to do with the heart. They again wanted to put me on Coumadin. I refused, again. I was becoming very depressed and really did not care about my life. I prayed to my God in heaven, in desperation for help.  And the answer came when my very dear wife suggested acupuncture. This is when I meet a wonderful person by the name of Rik. He is a good acupuncturist and he really cares about people’s health. His care for me, as his patient, has brought me better health than I have known for years. When I started the treatments I was seeing Rik three times a week, for about two months. Now I see him once a month for a check-up. I have no more chest pains or that hollow feeling and no heart palpitations.


I have also changed my diet. I stay totally away from processed foods with those ingredients that you cannot read. 

I am now 70 years old and take no medications. I take only one supplement a day and that is magnesium. I understand that is good for the heart rhythm.


To sum all this up, I am so thankful to my God in heaven, who directed me to meet Rik, a wonderful, caring person, and for the help of my dear wife.


Thank You,

EM Portland

The healing process is as natural as breathing. Our bodies are constantly trying to move towards a state of health. Acupuncture is a powerful tool to assist and augment that process